FBI Story Critique Package

FBI Phase II Interview

Story critique is part of the coaching package- this is a stand-alone package – not in addition to the coaching package.


e-Book, “Boost Your Interview IQ” 2nd edition by Carole Martin

Audio: Story Preparation
Guidelines for Writing Your Stories

Being able to tell “good stories” is the foundation of the FBI interview process.

20-60-20 Focusing on one of the eight factors as defined in the materials

A personal critique of your written stories.
Critique of any re-writes with Honest feedback and help to create your best stories with 24 hour turnaround.

FEEDBACK and EXAMPLES from those who have passed.

I critique stories – with an unbiased hand. I’m tough! (If you don’t take critiques well, you probably won’t like my service.)

I will critique your stories and tell you what you need to do to improve on your stories for the interviewers to get what they need from the story.

If you feel that you are confident and have good interviewing skills, and may not feel that you need Coaching. BUT, you may want to consider receiving some feedback on your story content and what you are telling – or not telling – your interviewers.

This is a TOUGH interview – because it is “blind,” and because they are seeing patterns of behavior through your stories – good and bad!

From a client who passed with the material alone.

“I PASSED! I just want to thank you again for your help in getting me where I needed to be. I know without your help it would not have been possible. Any FBI second timers who are serious about the job should inquire about your services. Going into the interview I had my stories pretty ingrained in my head, and I was still going over them as I was waiting outside the office for the agents to call me in. I think I ended up morphing a majority of my stories to fit the questions asked.I’d have to say knowing my stories back and front and being able to morph them was the most helpful skill(s)you taught me.
Thank you so much again for everything Carole.
Another satisfied customer.

FBI Story Critique Package

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