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The e-Book contains exercises and information to prepare you for our work together and to get you ready to pass the interview.

I have put together this special e-Book with information and exercises for you to prepare "behavioral questions." By focusing on the FACTORS desired by the FBI, rather than a long list of questions, you can prepare in a more focused manner.

Having worked with clients who have had a very high pass rate for the past 15 years, I have seen many changes to the Phase II interview. One thing that remains constant is those key factors that they are seeking in a candidate.

This book is an esential tool for your FBI Interview Preparation.

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One question that I am asked often is,"Which package should I purchase?"

I will be glad to spend time discussing this answer with you personally. Basically, it boils down to how much time you spend with me – either coaching or writing.

The Premier Preparation Package -Includes THREE coaching sessions with me. Two one-hour sessions, and one 45-minute session, plus a full critique of your stories. In this package, I personally write you a summary of your qualifications – your “5 points.”

The Basic Preparation Package -Three Sessions of coaching with me, plus a full critique of your stories. Three 45-minute sessions. In this package, there is a template for you to write your own summary of qualifications – your “5 Points”

The Self Preparation Package - One live phone conversation with me. One story critiqued by me. A template to help with writing your own 5 points. This self-guided option will help you get prepared but will take more effort on your part.

All packages instantly receive a digital workbook after purchase.

Package Details

The decision of which package to purchase, depends on your needs, budget, and desire to invest in yourself. I will do everything I can to get you through this process regardless of the package you purchase.

And, I can honestly say that clients who purchase any of the packages have very high success rates.

I hear from people each week telling me that they passed the interview and how their work with me was worth "every penny spent." That makes me very happy! I really want you to pass this interview and will do everything in my power to help you. Many candidates that I coached through the process are now agents - and I'm really proud to have worked with them. I want that for you too!

I am very straightforward with my advice - with the intention of improving your delivery and getting you ready to pass the interview. I am tough but also very supportive. I help you to prepare for these interviews with tools and techniques. It is up to you to use the tools to prepare for the interview.

Two important factors in passing these type of interviews are PREPARATION and PRACTICE. You CANNOT WING this interview and pass.

Because all of the questions are "behavioral questions" such as: "Tell me about a time when...," and "Give us an example..." I have focused on teaching you the technique of how to write and tell examples or "stories. I critique these stories for you as part of the coaching package.

My success rate for those passing that I have coached is very high - close to 90%. (Over 2,500 FBI clients)

Package Upgrade:

These options are available if you decide to upgrade your package or request more coaching time later on.

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Use this option only if you've already purchased the Self Preparation Package and have decided to upgrade to the Premier Preparation Package.



Additional FBI Prepration Hour

Use this option only if you've already purchased the Premier Preparation Package (#1) and wish to get additional coaching.



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More Testimonials

"Your help definitely helped me pass... I just wanted to tell you that I just found out I passed the Phase II interview for the FBI. Thank you for your help in preparing for it. Your help definitely helped me pass, thanks again!"    -- Sam L.

"Planning is crucial. I just found out that I passed the FBI Phase II interview. Thanks for your help. I can tell others who will be taking this test that planning is crucial. To have an approximate idea, and having answers ready for those situations was really helpful. Your exercises, phone coaching and tips really helped. Thanks again."    -- W.Y.

"Only 4 of 8 passed in our group...I had an edge. I just wanted you to know that I passed the FBI interview!!! Only 4 of 8 passed in our group and I know that you are the reason I had an edge. Thank you so much!"
-- Kent

"You're the best! I can't thank you enough! I wanted to personally thank you for all of your help! I found out earlier today that I passed the FBI phase II interview! :) Thanks, thanks, thanks! Your lessons were a real help and you really prepared me for the type of experience I encountered. I found myself using many of the buzzwords we talked about... "time and project management skills", "completed school during the evening while working full-time", etc. You're the best! I can't thank you enough!"
-- K.P.

"You hit all the right points, especially, the SPARE/STAR approach. Thanks for all your coaching assistance. You are doing a great job, I've never experienced your type of preparation for a job interview. Your methods are very good. You hit all the right points, especially, the SPARE/STAR approach." -- Alex Z.

"Behavioral interview preparation techniques helped a great deal. I just wanted to let you know that I passed the interview! It was tough but your behavioral interview preparation techniques helped a great deal. I'm convinced that preparation makes the difference, THANK YOU!"
-- A.J.

"I will certainly recommend you to anyone... Just wanted to let you know that I passed my FBI Phase 2 exam! Thank you so much for your help, you helped me get through this. I will certainly recommend you to anyone seeking interview coaching, so expect some calls from Chicago!!! Thank you so much Carole!"
-- T.J.

I wanted to let you know that I passed Phase 2.
Thank you for your help and tough feedback. I believe the thing you taught me that was mostimpactful was for me to talk more about my feelings and obstacles rather than just saying an action. This helped the interviewers learn more about me as a person and presented a better picture of who I am.

"I PASSED! Let me tell you (as if you don’t already know) that morphing method was put to the test early and often. I cannot speak highly enough about your coaching! My stories were on point, my confidence was through the roof, and I talked for the entire hour. I had the agents chuckling at some of my stories, and one had to put the pencil down to shake out her wrist she was writing so much. The difference between my first interview and this second attempt were night and day! Thank you for your help and I highly recommend your program to anyone who is serious about passing ANY interview!
Please do use those words and add- don’t be a robot, tell them a story!- that’s what I kept telling myself.   -- D.W.



FBI Special Phase II and Phase III Preparation Packages

Through my training and behavioral interview certification, plus my experience working with literally thousands of candidates, I have put together an FBI Phase II and Phase III Preparation Packages that will help you focus and prepare for your upcoming experience. This intense exercise features an exclusive e-book and two thirty-minute audios of tips and examples by me based on my work and feedback from past clients.


"I PASSED MY INTERVIEW! So I'm writing to say thank you! You really prepared me for the interview and the points and situations, etc. that we worked on were perfect! I was very prepared for all of the questions that they asked me, and look...it paid off! So anyway, I was just writing to let you know I passed, and to say thank you for your time and services. That was money well spent!! (How often do you get to say that??)"    -- D.S.
"Our meeting definitely helped me in getting ready, I was not nervous at all when I walked in. Advice I would offer to other candidates are: #1. Hire Carole Martin #2. Develop a strong introduction. #3. Practice, practice, and practice"    -- Jim T.

There is a change in the FBI interviewing process.

You will do the “written test” through a testing site before you do the interview. If you have been told you must pass the WRITTEN TEST BEFORE MOVING TO THE INTERVIEW, I advise that you purchase the “Self-help package”

Self-Help Package

Whatever you purchase will be applied toward the full coaching packages once you get the green light to move on to the interview.

"Wow, Carole that was one of the most incredible experiences! I don’t know if I passed or not as I don’t know if all the boxes they were looking for ended up getting checked off but I can say I did my best and was most certainly well prepared thanks to YOU!
They started out with “tell us about yourself” – and so I just started with my 5 points and added in my why the FBI anyway lol!
I did talk fast but confidently… I skipped one question and by the time it came back again I had a story. They liked the farm story ;) lol.
You’re right about showing personality and just being myself. I know I didn’t say the stories perfectly but I can definitely say that you prepare us well! Whether I pass or not I can say that it was time well spent and I am stronger because of it- with a great deal of thanks to YOU!
Thanks for enduring my worrisome spouts and keeping me focused!
You’re awesome! Thank you!

Phase II: Special Agent Structured Interview

Phase II is a one-hour structured interview that consists of 13 standard questions. The interview will be administered by a panel of three evaluators and will take one hour to administer. The evaluators will be FBI Special Agents who have been trained thoroughly on how to rate your performance on the interview using standardized scoring criteria. Remember, the panel knows nothing about you and has no knowledge of your background. As a quality control measure, all interviews will be audio taped and the recordings will be stored at FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Hi Carole,
Well worth the money. I actually do not know any FBI agents but I was doubting whether they would want to hear any jokes or personal things, and I think that is what separated myself.

People should take it seriously but definitely be yourself and show you are a human.

Feel free to share anything I have sent you in your blog and with clients.
Thank you so much!

Phase III: Intelligence Analyst Structured Interview

Phase III is a one-hour structured interview that assess oral communication, interpersonal skills, organizing and planning, and analytical thinking. Each panel will consist of three senior-level Intelligence Analysts and all interviews will be recorded. Each panel will read a standardized script to the applicant before the interview begins and score each interview when completed.

Learn More

I am so glad I reached out to Carole for interview prep before my Phase III Intelligence Analyst interview! I felt very prepared for all of the questions, and knew how to ensure I answered in the most desirable type of format. During my first session with Carole I was struggling to understand how to take my limited work experience and turn it into an example of a core competency. But she was able to help simplify the process and give me the confidence to pass, and I passed! Thank you Carole!!

Just received word that I have passed the Phase 3 Interview. I am so beyond relieved and happy. You really helped me become confident in the way I spoke my stories. All I thought about when the questions were asked to me was what factor and what story can I use for this factor. Preparing my stories and knowing how I could morph the same story to a different factor made me feel more prepared than I thought I would be. I walked in there as confident as I could be and knew I left It all on the table for them to get to know the real me. I had the interviewers laughing at some points because I was authentically myself and most definitely not perfect. Sometimes I had to take a minute and think but that was okay! Thank you so beyond much for your help I couldn’t have done it without all of our engaging and fun phone calls! Wishing you all the best.