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When you purchase the Deluxe Package you will receive a link to download the following:

  • Law Enforcement e-Book
  • TWO 25 minute recordings of me talking directly to you with tips and advice
  • Templates to assist you in answering both BEHAVIORAL QUESTIONS and SITUATIONAL QUESTIONS.
  • FEEDBACK and EXAMPLES from those who have passed the interview, and other materials - downloadable instantly upon successful order processing.


One of the things that I do (that I have had very positive feedback on) is to summarize your "tell me about yourself" into five points (your education/years of experience/special training, your area of expertise, your strengths, your work ethic, your personal side). I write these points and send them to you so that you will be prepared to tell your interviewers what you can bring to the position.

I use five points - hoping that you have 5 fingers - to keep you focused. In the event that you go "blank" when you walk into that interview room you can grab onto those five fingers and remember your five points. Many have told me that very thing happened to them - they went blank - kind of like a "deer caught in headlights."



You will be required to have one story ready to answer the question “Tell me about a time when you had a conflict with a Coworker.”


We will focus on the non-behavioral questions, for instance, WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE AN FBI AGENT?

Your 5 points will be used to answer the question “Why do you think that you are qualified to be an Agent?

FINAL SESSION – (60 minutes)

We work on the “integrity” factor – and you should have a story ready to read to me. You will see that there is a tremendous overlap in the factors – and no such thing as a right or wrong answer.

We will practice your answers in our phone coaching sessions. I record your answers and “torture” you by having you listen to yourself and what you are doing right and what needs to be improved.

My style is very straightforward – I do not hesitate to tell you what you need to work on.


The emphasis of the FBI interview is on Behavioral Questions - other agencies are now using the FBI method to interview candidates - DEA, AIR MARSHALS - other agencies use half situational and half behavioral.

I teach you techniques to answer the "behavioral questions" with a complete story. This is a technique that is very important in this particular interview. In fact, the way you tell your "stories" is the key to passing this interview. By the time we have completed our work together you WILL be able to tell a good story. I'm really tough on this point.

I also help you with the situational questions -there are fewer of this type of question. These questions would be scenarios such as..."What would you do if...? (The FBI has stopped using "situational questions" ) - but other agencies still use them - some almost exclusively.) Although there is no way to know the exact questions that they will ask - I have put together a template that will help you "think" through these scenarios.


We do two quizzes with the rest of the time.

The first quiz, I ask you a question and you identify the factor that I am going for.

The second quiz, I will show you how your stories are inter-changeable.

I welcome questions and will brainstorm with you when you are “stuck” on an example or a story. Having worked with so many law enforcement candidates, I have a great deal of information to pull from.


Please send your stories no more than two per email. You may send as many emails as you would like. This assists me in moving through all of them quickly and you get quicker feedback from me. I personally give very straightforward feedback on your stories. This is a service that many people have said made the difference in being prepared or not.

Premier Preparation Package

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