Successful FBI Phase II client – Practice stories out loud


I really appreciate all the effort you put into helping me prepare. I would use your service again and recommend you to others without a second thought.

Here’s a few of the highlights and a bit of advice for your own knowledge and for your future clients.

-The way you summarized my “why FBI” from our first session. This really helped me get a handle on how I wanted to present a combination of my personal feelings and skills, as well as the overall process I took to get myself in the interview room.

-Helping me convert my stories from technical, overly detailed logic/jargon into smooth stories (really just conversations) that highlighted the core competencies. Once I got one or two of them down, my preparation got much, much easier.

-One thing that I felt myself doing during the interview was trying to create images throughout my stories…a trick I took from you after you explained the importance of being able to “see” things. I got great feedback from this.

A bit of advice to any future clients would be to practice the stories out loud. Sometimes when writing the stories down I felt like I was getting a point across but when I spoke it out loud, I realized I wasn’t. This helped me a ton.

Overall, I’d say that my experience appears to fall in line with the majority of your clients that I’ve seen feedback from. The FBI Agents were very professional, and because I felt very prepared I wasn’t nervous, simply told my stories, morphed a few, and went with some off the top of my head.

Thank you again,