Awards – Awards – Awards – it’s the season!

If you watch any of these shows you will notice that the nominees that do not win the award are very gracious (at least on camera). I’m sure under those fine smiles there is a bit of teeth grinding when another star’s name is announced.

For months and years, you will see mention of their nomination – “Nominated for the Best… Category.” In other words, they use the fact that they have made it to the top five stars in their category to their advantage.

Ok, maybe you didn’t get the job this time, but remember there is only one winner or job offer made per job.

For some reason, there was someone else who out-performed you, or who sold themselves in a more convincing manner, or who knows why? Don’t beat yourself up trying to figure out why.

Take a lesson from the stars who do not get the coveted award. Just because they are honored – or not honored – one year doesn’t mean that their career is over – it just means they have to try something new!

“I passed – second time!!
Today is a little emotional because I remember how heartbroken I was last year when I did not pass the interview the first try, but I am pleased to inform you that I passed the phase 2 interview, and I believe that it was your coaching that made the difference! You were hard on me, and that is exactly what I needed.”

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