My Thoughts on why I failed the Phase II —

I realized that these agents had different experiences than me. Not that anyone is better than anyone else because of experience, but that realization made me more confident in myself.

When I did Phase 2 for the Bureau, I put the agents on a massive pedestal and assumed they were so much better than me.

This was a mistake. I know that played a part in my ability to be authentic and myself, for fear I wasn’t going to be good enough for them…as you know, that was self-sabotaging


$400 difference for upgrade to Premier

I just wanted to let you know that I received my results today for phase II and I passed! I really appreciate all the help you gave and I’m so glad I reached out to you. Thank you so much. 



I wanted to let you know that even though I purchased your materials only package, and we didn’t get a chance to talk over the phone, your insight and material was invaluable for me. I passed!  This was my first time taking the phase II interview.

Money well spent!