12/2018 FBI News Flash!

There is a change in the FBI interviewing process.

You will take the “written test” before you do the interview – through a testing site.

Some tips to help you through this part of the process.

As For The Written Test –


I agree that the best and only advice for the writing section is to read the directions carefully.


Learn from another’s mistake

“My written assessment was BAD. It wasn’t difficult, but I got so much into writing my stuff that I just forgot to give what was specifically asked for. I felt good about it when I was done, but then some of the other guys were talking about it and then I realized that I left out the most important thing. All I ended up doing was summarizing the case given to me. I felt very frustrated that I messed up something so simple. The written assessment was by far easier than the interview, but I got so caught on my line of thought I didn’t follow the proper instructions. I’m writing you this email and I am still angry thinking about that. It’s just embarrassing really.”


 “The writing portion was very easy but time consuming. I stuck to the facts and I wrote like my life depended on it. I didn’t waste any time reading everything I skimmed and then went to work. Just stick the facts and proofread as you write the report. I was able to write everything I needed to within an hour and half.”