Panel Interview “If I had it to do over again, I would just come up with 2 good stories for each of the “elements being measured.

While I have no way to judge, I agree with you that its important to weave in some stories that reveal your non-work self. I was able to do that once or twice and one story elicited a brief smile from one of the guys and was the sum total of the reaction I got from them. I think they are trained to keep a poker-face.”

Hi Carole,

I want to inform you that I passed my Secret Service panel interview.

The panel was very interested in my stories. I had some amazing stories lined up and they stopped writing to listen. I made sure that my result was a positive one. They congratulated me with my accomplishments from my stories. I had 5-6 stories about teamwork, difficult situation, time management, problem solving, communication and most importantly why I want to be a Secret Service Special Agent.

My background as a federal law enforcement officer and my IT background surely helped but they want agents that could bring their skills to the table.

Thank you


From Carole Martin –

I found this book very informative to the FBI Special Agent hiring process


My program focuses on passing the Phase II and Phase III interview processes.