I just got my results, and I passed the FBI Phase II!


I just got my results, and I passed!

I think I was subconsciously expecting at least some feedback and engagement during the interview, but I guess my answers fit the questions they asked. I kept in mind what you said about not trying to be a perfectionist, and I memorized my stories to the point that I knew every major point I needed to hit but not to the point that it became a script.

I want to say thanks for the honest feedback and for the encouragement!



Just received news that I PASSED! I just accepted my job offer. I am so thankful for the delightful experience on such a short notice of time. Thank you again! 



Put another notch in the win column! Thank you for all your help.

I would NOT have been even close to prepared without working with you. Instead I went in confident and calm knowing I had stories ready to answer any question.

Writing out every story (I had close to 20 ready) and reading them aloud daily prepared me immensely. Thank you again!!



I passed! Carole, thank so you much. I really committed to your format, and I honestly believe that was the difference as a second timer.

I had a couple places where I stumbled a bit and had do some morphing and rearranging of stories, but in the end, I think it’s the consistency of the way I told my stories that did it.

Also, they were intently taking notes when discussing personal aspects of my life–particularly when I discussed how the tragedy of my uncle’s murder made me determined to work for the FBI.

Thank you again, best wishes.




I just received results from the FBI this evening.  I passed phase 2 of the special agent selection system! 

 Thank you so much for helping me prepare for the interview.  I felt so much more confident going into the interview. 

 I took your advice and tried to stay relaxed and show more of my personality – it definitely paid off!




I wanted to let you know that I passed the phase 2 interview!

After working with you, I felt extremely confident walking into it and felt prepared to answer all their questions. Thanks again for your help!



Coaching was on Saturday and Sunday – with an interview on Monday.

Hi Carole!

Just received news that I PASSED! I am so thankful for the delightful experience on such a short notice of time. Thank you again! 


          Thank you so much for your tips. The important point you gave me about being confident in my answers and being myself helped more than anything.

            I have to say I think the biggest component to my success was the way you helped me        build confidence and feel secure in my answers. Practicing with you was      immensely helpful.

            I think my key was preparation. It helped to have another’s perspective on my material.         Thanks again. 

            For me, it was the feedback – both on my stories and on my presentation style.

            Listening to myself on the recording was very difficult, but enlightening.