I finally got the news that I’m moving on to the background investigation! I felt like I nailed the interview but could never be sure.
Thank you so much for the sessions we had, I learned a ton about relaxing, becoming comfortable, and letting my personality come through. It’ll still take a while from now to go through the rest of the process but I’m looking forward to moving on.

I really am so grateful to you!


I just had my interview with the U.S. Marshals Service and it went great! It was easier than I expected and I was very prepared thanks to you. Whether I get it or not I was as ready as I could be. I feel very good about it! Thank you so much.

I wanted to share my news!

I PASSED! I just want to thank you again for your help in getting me where I needed to be. I know without your help it would not have been possible.
Any FBI second timers who are serious about the job should inquire about your services.
Going into the interview I had my stories pretty ingrained in my head, and I was still going over them as I was waiting outside the office for the agents to call me in. I think I ended up morphing a majority of my stories to fit the questions asked.
I’d have to say knowing my stories back and front and being able to morph them was the most helpful skill(s) you taught me.
Thank you so much again for everything Carole.

Another satisfied customer.