Best advice for future candidates that will have the pleasure of working with you, is the same as you and everyone else have said.

1. Be yourself and believe in yourself. You have put in the work to prepare your stories and you know the stories.

2. Present the stories in the format they want Situation, what you did, and results.

3. They know you are nervous, and it is ok to go back to a question, but be prepared to have a story when you get back at the end. In my case, I had to really morph a story that I believe actually ended up working great especially as that was the leaving note of the interview.

4. Just know you are not going to ace every question, but know that you are prepared and giving the best story you have.

5. If possible, I would have 2 stories per factor to avoid having to panic or morph too much.

6. Carole knows what she is talking about, and believe in the process.

7. Preparation is everything. Knowing you have prepared and have enough stories for the factors will ease a lot of the nervousness. You are in the interview bc you have shown that you have the qualities they believe you have.

Be yourself!

Lastly, the 5 points on your fingers was a game changer that set the tone for myself and calm me for the rest of the interview.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Even though the FBI seems to be on hold with hiring, be sure that you are getting ready for when they do call.

“I believe what helped the most was preparing for “Why the FBI”, being tough when editing the stories and helping me flush out my personal feelings in the stories of “how did you feel”, as well as the last session where you asked me questions and I identified which factor they lined up with.”


Kudo of the MONTH….

“One of those supervisors personally called me to say congrats on becoming an Agent.

He said, that he’s done a lot of Analyst interviews, and I was the best one he’s ever done – WOW!

I couldn’t have done that without you!


Building An Inventory Of Stories

Time to throw out that long list of interview questions and focus on what the interviewer is seeking.

You have prepared and planned for the answers to the questions, but what if you are not asked the questions you prepared – what do you do?

Having an inventory of stories ready and being able to “morph” your stories will help you sail through the interview. By focusing on the factor instead of the questions you will be able to answer the question by drawing from your stories even if they aren’t the “perfect” answer to the question.

Let me critique your stories.

Story Preparation Guidelines

Detailed instructions on how to write a story in response to behavioral questions.

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