It was amazing, well worth the money.

I had one person crying of laughter.

Wanted to thank you for the tough love and support!

 I passed my interview and found out already (in 2 whole days!)

I feel like I was the top draft pick in professional Football!

I did not remember most of it to be honest.

What I did do was be my goofy self and I think I offered a great mix of humor, seriousness, and professionalism.

They loved my ER Halloween story and they loved some of my navy stories, I had one person crying of laughter.

Thanks again and wish you all the best!

What helped me the most was starting the interview and getting the agents to laugh

When I was walking up to the room and when I sat down I began to feel my heart racing like crazy.  Once I got them to laugh I immediately calmed down and was able to be myself. 

I just wanted to let you know the good news that I have passed Phase II!  Thank you so much for your help.  Even with only 2 weeks until my interview you were able to help immensely. 

It was amazing, well worth the money. 

 I felt so much more comfortable in my story telling.  What helped me the most was starting the interview and getting the agents to laugh. 

I was doubting whether they would want to hear any jokes or personal things, and I think that is what separated myself. 

People should take it seriously but definitely be yourself and show you are a human.  

Feel free to share anything I have sent you in your blog and with clients.


I would say that all advice and techniques applied and were very helpful. I wish I had more specific advice. But as you know, relax and be yourself is probably the best advice other than preparing. 

Thanks again for helping me on short notice. 




Immediately after my interview, they told me I passed.

One of the special agents even went as far as telling me it was the best response, for one specific question, that he’s ever heard.

I owe a lot of it to the way you’ve instructed me to format and concoct enticing stories based on the key facts the agency was looking for.

Two questions we went over were asked, and on one occasion I had to come up with a story, on the fly, which was probably my weakest answer of the bunch.

As you’ve said, it was important that they got to know me as a person and injecting humor into the interview helped immensely.

Thanks for all of your help up until this point, and I will see you for the second session sometime soon, I’d imagine.




I know it’s been awhile; everything was delayed for me because of COVID and then travel restrictions for DOD.

I finally had my interview last week and just received confirmation that I passed! The best part is that I knew walking out of my interview that I had passed!

My last question tied directly to my best story, and the only one that had some solid humor attached, and I ended my interview with all three panel members laughing and fully engaged in the story! The story was so engaging that it continued with one of the interviewers as he walked me all the way out of the building.

As far as morphing, I only had to on a couple questions. I had practiced it so much though, morphing one story for each factor to almost any of the other factors that I didn’t even have to think about it, and in the end they came out fluidly and fit perfectly! Without practice I would probably have been lost scrambling for something to say.

Your coaching was completely on point, and not only was I cool, calm, and collected walking into my interview, and knew waking out that I had passed.

I can’t thank you enough for all of the help!