“I prepared a lot on my own, but the info I received from you, the 5 points, are really why I passed.”

Here are things I did good and some things I didn’t do so good:

  1. Smile, Be yourself, Be imperfect and personable. That is normal, they get your nervous, they’ve been there. It’s ok.
  2. Talk with all of the applicants you can in the beginning, be personable, this will also calm your nerves, get you talking.
  3. Be personable with the Applicant Coordinator, again Smile.. (there were many applicants that weren’t)
  4. Go into the interview with good positive energy, this will extend to your interviewees. Everyone there wants you to succeed. (I heard you say that the energy you bring into the room is extremely important, and that stuck with me)
  5. 5-points!!! Hit them early! (This is what allowed me to pass in my belief and I would have never considered building this well rounded picture for them this way)
  6. Have a well thought out story. I missed many good details at times but they knew I was prepared. I even passed on 2 questions, went blank on 1, but mustered up a different story that was actually unprepared. I even had 2 times where they asked for additional detail and had 1 time when they reminded me of the time constraint. Just show them they you put in the hours to prepare in one way or another, they respect it, even if it’s not delivered perfectly. Again, the energy I brought in, and the 5-points upfront allowed me to be imperfect.

  7. I slightly re-framed their questions at times so that it could fit the story I wanted to tell, still just trying to show them the factor they were looking for which worked well.


RECEIVED –  3-8-18

I passed my interview and it’s all because of you! Thank you very much! You’re strategies and tough critiques allowed me to do very well on the interview.

Your style and your approach allowed me to excel in the interview. I couldn’t have done this without you and thank you again! Best money I have ever spent.

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