When should I begin the preparation?

Unfortunately, there is no “one-size-fits-all” answer.

This is a personal decision only you can make.

            You know yourself  – 

            Do you like to be totally prepared – not rushed?

            Or, do you like the “pressure” – the last-minute rush – to be “fresh”?

One answer that I can give with confidence is – you should start thinking, and/or working on, your stories.

FBI (DEA and USSS as well) uses BEHAVIORAL INTERVIEW QUESTIONS in there interviews.

These type of questions sound like –

            “Tell us about a time when…”

            “Give us an example…”

            “Describe a situation…”

This type of question can only be answered by a specific “story” or “example.”

A good answer is specific to the question asked.

An example – Tell us about a time when you had to organize a complex project to

meet a deadline.”

            You will need to tell the interviewers  a “story”!

            The more details you can give them – the better the story.

            “Specific” is the key word here.

Behavioral interviewing is a technique that has been around for a while – nothing new!

The law enforcement began using this type of question several years ago – replacing “situational/hypothetical questions like, “What would you do if…?

Some agencies still use Situational/Hypothetical questions, or a combination of situational and behavioral questions.


There may be some beginning questions such as“Why do you want to be…?” questions,

But, most of the questions are BEHAVIORAL – that require a specific example of “a time when.”

So, back to the question of when to begin preparation?


Start thinking of, and start talking-out your story ideas!

Or, start writing your stories out so that you can recall all of the details.

If, and when, you decide to work with me and my program, I will critique your stories.

The story is important, but what is even more important, is what they “take away” from the story.

They will be more interested in you and your thinking and actions , then the actual story.

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