2022 2ND TIME PHASE II Clients

A second-timer for the Phase II interview

Hey Carole,

I had the FBI Phase II interview last Thursday and I heard yesterday that I passed!

I think the skills learned by working with you definitely improved my odds.

I felt far more confident going into this panel interview than I did the first time around. I had to morph one story and had to come up with one other story on the fly. They mentioned I cannot give specifics around what I was asked, but I will say your tip to prepare a story about working in a diverse setting did help dig me out of a hole. 

I was somewhat worried when I walked out of the interview as I had a couple stories prepared that Ithought were important stories about me that I did not have a great opportunity to share, but I guess they heard enough to push me through. 


I just got my results.
I passed!
100% I know it’s because of our sessions together. I can’t thank you enough.

I know it was a little touch and go with me for a while, but your tough love and insights really helped me succeed this time around.

I am so happy that I purchased the coaching. Again, thank you so much for all your help. 


A book recommendation – quiz book  – to teach you how to write a good “behavioral story.” 

You can purchase on Amazon.

Boost Your Interview IQ – Second Edition (white cover – published – 2012) – for a quick brush up on Behavioral Interviewing as well as other questions. It’s a quiz and you determine which is the strongest answer.

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