*Diversified (all other backgrounds or skills not specified above)

*What is meant by Diversified?

Besides needing agent candidates with the specialized skill sets, the FBI also seeks well-rounded applicants with unspecified degrees and diverse
backgrounds who have demonstrated experience in the Special Agent core competencies.Who is disqualified from an FBI interview?








** From an FBI Agent — “On a personal note, I served with an FBI Agent who was a former elementary school principal and another who was a full-time youth minister.”

**From Carole Martin, The Interview Coach—

“I have coached — a Middle School Band Director, a High School Teacher, and a Lancome Cosmetics Marketing Manager – who all passed Phase II.

My biggest achievement came last year when I coached a “chef” through the process – and he passed.

It’s not easy, but with some hard work, you can make it.”

Taken from the FBI website – www.fbi.gov

Below are specific elements that will automatically disqualify job candidates for employment with the FBI. These include:

•    Non-U.S. citizenship
•    Conviction of a felony (Special Agent candidates only: conviction of a domestic violence misdemeanor or more serious offense)
•    Violation of the FBI Employment Drug Policy (please see below for additional details)
•    Default on a student loan insured by the U.S. Government
•    Failure of an FBI-administered urinalysis drug test
•    Failure to register with the Selective Service System (for males only, exceptions apply – please click here to find out more)
•    Knowingly or willfully engaged in acts or activities designed to overthrow the U.S. government by force
•    Failure to pay court ordered child support
•    Failure to file federal, state, or local income tax returns

Please note that if you are disqualified by any of the above tests, you are not eligible for employment with the FBI. Please make sure you can meet FBI employment requirements and pass all disqualifiers before you apply for an FBI position.

Phase II can be taken a 2nd time – for the FBI Agent position. Here is some feedback from a female who didn’t pass the first time. She worked with me this time around.

“I even had one of the other applicants come up to me about 5 minutes after arrived in the waiting area and say, “You were radiating swagger when you walked in and that can’t be taught.

I thought you were one of the agents!  What is your secret?!”  He and I laughed and of course I replied “Well that’s a good sign.”

SHE PASSED this time around after working with me.


Learning to “morph” your stories will help you get out of a tough spot when you cannot think of a story to match the answer.

I am writing to inform you that I……passed! Thank you again for your coaching. I believed it gave me the extra edge necessary to pass Phase II. In regards to feedback: morphing morphing morphing and BEING YOURSELF was the key to victory here.

I was just goofy and honest, which I think they appreciated. I laid it all out on the table for them, which I believed not only made me more relaxed, but made them a lot more relaxed too.

Great working with you and I hope you continued success.

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