I PASSED the FBI Interview! – week of September 21-25 – 2020

Hi Carole,

I just found out this morning, I passed!  Thank you for everything!  Your system certainly does work!

Two weeks before —

Just finished the interview.  

Glad it’s over, they asked two things I didn’t anticipate but I always gave a story.  

I couldn’t fit or adapt two strong stories of my bunch that I wanted to tell as my nerves simply neglected to access them in my memory until after it was over.  

Nonetheless I want to say thank you for all your help, I can see why you say you have to prepare for this interview and understand the 20-60-20 format.  

I got in my five points in at the end and tried to get them to know me personally.  Overall not sure how it went but I’m hoping for the best!  They were very professional and wrote the entire time as expected but overall I think I gave them a good picture of Michael.  It’s very easy to harp on it after the fact and it’s tempting to dissect and have regrets as with any interview.  I’ll let you know when I find out the outcome but I believe on little sleep and with nerves you really prepared me very well to make up for those shortcomings.

 I was extremely nervous at first but when I dove into the questions which I only hope were applicable to the question looking back, I felt prepared from all our work and it calmed me down quite a bit.  What really helped me was hearing the stories you told me of others who also felt it whizzed by and were unsure how it went or even worried it was a disaster.  Knowing it didn’t have to be perfect went a long way!



I just received my Phase II testing results and I passed!!!!!

Your guidance and tough love along the way helped me tremendously. I want to thank you for everything!

The day before my interview (when I arrived in Atlanta) I felt confident and I was even a bit excited. I couldn’t wait to tell them all about me. During the interview, I was still a bit nervous but I was able to answer every question confidently.

By the end of the interview I was certain they knew much more about me than the last time. I even finished my interview a bit early.

I was prepared!!

Thanks again!!




I know it’s been awhile; everything was delayed for me because of COVID and then travel restrictions for DOD.

I finally had my interview last week and just received confirmation that I passed!

The best part is that I knew walking out of my interview that I had passed!

As far as morphing, I only had to on a couple questions. I had practiced it so much though, morphing one story for each factor to almost any of the other factors that I didn’t even have to think about it, and in the end they came out fluidly and fit perfectly!

Without practice I would probably have been lost scrambling for something to say.

Your coaching was completely on point, and not only was I cool, calm, and collected walking into my interview, and knew waking out that I had passed.

I can’t thank you enough for all of the help!



Hi Carole,

Thank you!

The interview went fine. It wasn’t perfect, by any stretch, but it was authentic and my answers were genuine. 

I think it is important to be confident in both your answers and body language, not worrying about trying to impress and make sure the interviewers know about you the person. Have your stories ready, but be comfortable morphing or coming up with new stories as well. 

Thanks again,

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