State Patrol Oral Board consisted of 7 Behavioral Questions.*

I studied up on all my stories, studied up on my Factor stories and my five points, and…..I NAILED it.

I walked out of that oral board on cloud 9 because I answered concisely, confidently, and I didn’t get rattled. I easily catered my stories to fit their questions and I actually enjoyed it, believe it or not. I got the job!

1,700 applied, and 28 were invited to the Academy.

I can’t thank you enough for preparing me so well for this! I will be recommending you strongly to my good friends.

* The difference between a behavioral question and other questions is what the question asks. A behavioral question will be very specific.  Example – “Tell me about a time when you solved a problem,” the key words are “a time.” This answer calls for a “specific” example of a “specific” incident. A story.

Book Recommendation – Behavioral Questions – and Answers – easy read – quiz.

Boost Your Interview IQ: 

Boost Your Interview IQ – Second Edition (white cover – published – 2012) – for a quick brush up on Behavioral Interviewing as well as other questions. It’s a quiz and you determine which answer is the strongest answer. This book is not specifically geared toward law enforcement – it is about “behavioral interviewing.”  — or



“Boost Your Interview IQ” by Carole Martin provides you with the essential skills and techniques you need to apply in any real life interviewing scenario. If you are truly interested in exploring the fundamentals and learning the essentials of job interviewing, then this book will be an important guide.

Before I read Carole Martin’s book, I must admit that I was lost when it came to interviews. As a young lawyer with three years of experience in my field, I truly thought that I knew everything it took to effectively express myself and market my skills to a potential employer. I had conducted countless client interviews myself, and so I thought I had most question and answer techniques down to a science. But when I flunked my first major interview for a dream job with a prestigious employer, I realized that I needed help from an expert. In hindsight, I wish I had sought out this information earlier.  Perhaps because I was too accustomed to being sought out by others as an expert in my own field of law that I did not realize I needed an expert’s advice on basic interview techniques. 

I am thankful that I contacted Carole Martin and found her book “Boost Your Interview IQ.”  I feel that I have begun the journey towards interview success. In my opinion, learning real life interview techniques should not be about “gimmicks” or “tricks”.  Instead, Carole Martin provides a wide-range of examples that point you in the right direction.  You will learn through a question and answer technique designed by Carole that will give you a thorough understanding of the basics.  Reading this book is the beginning of a journey that will equip you with the essentials of interviewing.  So if you are curious about how to interview, then I recommend you read this book first.  The rest is up to you!”

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