SHORT NOTICE – One/Two Weeks To Prepare for your FBI interview

I received emails asking it there is enough time to prepare. I have worked with people who have been VERY short on time – as little as a few days to prepare, but we managed to pull it off. It’s not ideal, but just knowing the basics is better than going in cold.

Thanks for the help. Due to time restrictions and late notification of my phase II nomination, I only had about a week to prepare. With your help, I was able to prep myself in about a week. I have no doubt that without your assistance and tough criticism, I would not have passed. I’m very glad I was able to find you!



Ideally, and believe me most are not ideal.

– you would begin to work with me after you have your date assigned. You would contact me 4-6 weeks – depending on your life’s schedule to get the materials to begin your preparation.

– ideally,  you would take a week or two to get prepared and then contact me for our first session. You would send me your stories to critique.

– ideally, in our first session we would go over the “Why this Agency?” and “What makes you qualified – what you bring to the position?” questions. We would go over story-telling techniques and tips.

– ideally, after the first session I would send you the 5 points that I have summarized and written, (depending on which package you purchase) or you will write your own 5 points.

Your 5 points will be your roadmap to answer the big questions –  “Why this Agency?” – and “Why do you think you’re qualified?”

– ideally, you would take a week or more to prepare using the tips and techniques you have learned from our first session. All of our sessions are recorded and you will be sent a link to the recording to listen to – at least that’s what I recommend.

– ideally session #2 would be one to two weeks or so prior to your actual interview.

NOW, all that to say that the greater majority of my clients have NOT had “ideal situations.”

I have coached with as little as three or four days and still have helped people pass. This is not my preferred manner, but sometimes that’s what life deals.

I will support you through email – critiquing anything you send me after our sessions.

I only give straight-forward feedback. Clients send me their written stories and I critique them.

I will tell you if you are ready after our two sessions – most of the time you will be ready. My goal is to get you to pass the interview and I will do everything that I can to do just that. The rest will be up to you.

Any other questions or problems let me know.
Best wishes