Not much time to prepare?


 “I just wanted to follow up and say thank you so much for your help and services! Today I received notification that I passed Phase 2. Even with the short timeline I had to prepare I felt like I was on top of all of the questions they asked me.” 3/27/18


“I had my phase 2 interview on Dec 4.  I just wanted you to know that I passed this time!  The way you broke all of the information/interview structure down was very helpful.  I found myself much more confident and prepared this time.  I had a different story prepared for each question asked.  The 60 minute interview felt like it went by much quicker.  The agents interviewing me were a pleasure to talk to.”

From a client who passed – 3/28/18

“Please pass on – RELAX, RELAX, RELAX! Drink the water. It’s not a trick. Take your time, think about your answers, and don’t try to be who you think they want you to be.”