Like Others, you can pass your FBI or Fed interview

With the right coaching from the right person – Carole Martin, The Interview Coach


FBI – Phase II – SA


“I cannot speak highly enough about your coaching! My stories were on point, my confidence was through the roof, and I talked for the entire hour. I had the agents chuckling at some of my stories, and one had to put the pencil down to shake out her wrist she was writing so much. The difference between my first interview and this second attempt were night and day! Thank you for your help and I highly recommend your program to anyone who is serious about passing ANY interview!”


FBI – Phase III – IA

“I’m letting you know that I passed Phase III with your excellent help. You asked me the same kinds of questions that the interviewers asked me. I wasn’t surprised by anything. You really guided me in making my stories more personable and interesting. I saw a few smiles from the interviewers at times. The coaching put me more at ease, which is big for someone who gets incredibly anxious for interviews. Your coaching no doubt helped me get through it successfully, even though we started just a few days before the interview. “


FBI – Phase II – SA

“I wanted to let you know that I passed Phase 2.  Thank you for your help and tough feedback. I believe the thing you taught me that was most impactful was for me to talk more about my feelings and obstacles rather than just saying an action. This helped the interviewers learn more about me as a person and presented a better picture of who I am.”



“I’m pleased to tell you that I passed phase II with the FBI!

Everything we did together was crucial in my preparation for success. Your method is spot on.

Your coaching gave me a lot of confidence and taught me how to tell better stories.

I ended having to think back to a story I did previously practice and your method allowed me to tell the story in a logical method.

I was able to think quickly on my feet and present myself well.

I applied what I learned for my DEA interview and passed that first time as well!”



Dear Carole, 

“Against all odds, I passed my Phase 2 Test thanks to your materials. I was under a time crunch and had only 36 hours to prepare because my grad school program backed nearly right up to my interview date. 

If it hadn’t been for your materials (I did the self-study packet due to time constraints), I would not have known how to properly format my responses. As you know, I am not allowed to say anything about how the test was conducted, but I can say that your packets were very helpful. “