The Call May Come at any Time – Be Prepared For Your FBI Interview

Even though the FBI seems to be behind in the hiring process – be sure that you are getting ready for when they do call.

Received Recently From FBI Coaching Clients
8/23, 9/23

“I believe what helped the most was preparing for “Why the FBI”, being tough when editing the stories and helping me flush out my personal feelings in the stories of “how did you feel”, as well as the last session where you asked me questions and I identified which factor they lined up with.”

“Just wanted to let you know that I Passed! Thanks for all your helpful tips and words of encouragement. I really sat down and worked on incorporating more of “me” into the stories, which as you know was very hard for me. I like to keep things business and to the point. I also tried to RELAX!” 

“I could not have succeeded if it was not for your guidance and preparation for the interview.

As I entered the interview room, I felt like a million pounds were lifted off my shoulders by telling myself that I would be talking to law enforcement about law enforcement. I believe I started the interview with a solid performance and stayed determined to stay calm, but I also showed passion in my voice for the job that I love doing.

I was doing good until one of the interviewers told me we had just finished with question 5 and had 28 minutes left. I never missed a beat or got nervous after being told that.

Working with you made me comfortable enough that two of the stories I used were not ones I had written down or even worked on. During these stories, I felt like you provided me with the correct way to articulate them in a manner that was not only professional but also showed great working skills.”

*I had my phase 2 interview today. Initially, I felt great about it, but going back I wish I would have used more of a variety of experiences for my stories. I will keep you updated once I find out if I passed!

  • I received an email this morning with my Phase 2 results- I PASSED!!!
    I am ecstatic! Thank you so much for helping me achieve this goal!!

In the end, it was a fun interview and I was totally myself. I think you would have been proud.

– I finally got it! Relax – be yourself.

If you are waiting for the call, consider interview coaching specifically for FBI and Law Enforcement. Get started now and be prepared for that call!

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