Passing the Secret Service Interview

Hello Carole,

I wanted to reach out to you and inform you that I passed my Secret Service Interview! You were spot on with the 8 law enforcement factors that helped shape my stories. Thanks to your coaching, the interview was easy! 

I walked in confident and telling myself, “you’ve got this, be yourself and don’t wear the military mask!” My stories were right in line with what they were asking and the 5 points you assisted with easily answered the “tell me about yourself” type question. I only had to slightly morph one story, but it was an easy transition and I made it work. 

To anyone reading this, I can attest to the great product you’ll receive from Carole Martin while pursuing your dream job in law enforcement. Listen to her feedback and apply it! The biggest piece of advice Carole mentioned to me was to be myself! BE YOURSELF, BE YOURSELF and BE YOURSELF! I showed my human side and not my military side and at one point I had the agents laughing at me based on some of the stories I talked about. I was able to easily connect with the agents through my stories and show them I am not a robot, but a man with similar goals.  

For those candidates without a military/police background, do not be intimated. Your experience, no matter what industry you are representing is just as if not more valid then those candidates with a military/police background. Again, do not be afraid to show yourself and your experiences! Have fun with the interview and relax!  

Carole, thank you again for your assistance and help the past few weeks, especially given the short turnaround from the time I was notified when my interview was scheduled. I will most definitely be recommending you and passing your name on to a few of my friends who want to pursue this kind of work. 


Panel Interview “If I had it to do over again, I would just come up with 2 good stories for each of the “elements being measured.

While I have no way to judge, I agree with you that its important to weave in some stories that reveal your non-work self. I was able to do that once or twice and one story elicited a brief smile from one of the guys and was the sum total of the reaction I got from them. I think they are trained to keep a poker-face.”

Hi Carole,

I want to inform you that I passed my Secret Service panel interview.

The panel was very interested in my stories. I had some amazing stories lined up and they stopped writing to listen. I made sure that my result was a positive one. They congratulated me with my accomplishments from my stories. I had 5-6 stories about teamwork, difficult situation, time management, problem solving, communication and most importantly why I want to be a Secret Service Special Agent.

My background as a federal law enforcement officer and my IT background surely helped but they want agents that could bring their skills to the table.

Thank you


From Carole Martin –

I found this book very informative to the FBI Special Agent hiring process


My program focuses on passing the Phase II and Phase III interview processes.